Surf Nicaragua: Rise Up Surf

My surf skills hadn't flourished much until I went to Nicaragua. Near the region of Chinandega lies a beautiful oasis called Rise up Surf. Rise Up Surf is a surf school run by two brilliant Bajan born entrepreneurs, originally from beautiful Barbados. They are charming and handsome exemplifying a refined business savvy for their age. Rise Up Surf is a paradise not enough people are aware of...or maybe it is meant to stay that way? When I arrived, my friends and I were greeted by a lovely Tai-Swiss woman who helped manage the surf school. She was the surf camp’s in-house yoga instructor and massage therapist. With her long, fluid, sinuous arms and legs, she enveloped us with open arms. The surf school brought us to spots of uncharted territory, sand whom had never been stepped on. There were hardly any surfers in sight, and yet once again, the ideal place for a beginner like me.

The week ended as quickly as it came. In the meantime, we had some delicious home made meals provided by the all-inclusive surf camp resort, as well as daily excursions to the best surf swells in the area. The water was crystal clear, and the beaches had not a tourist in sight. Yet, another must see surf destination. It was the week my skills began to blossom. It was also the week I began to stand up consistently on my board. In essence, I was beginning to comprehend clearly the skill of surfing. Metaphorically speaking, this trip made me realize I was not alone but surrounded by a strong community of people. Surf culture has a way of bringing people together in peace and in solidarity.

We rang in the New Year down on the private beach below the surf camp's property. It was a week to remember as my dear friend had to get stitches at the local town hospital after a surf board left her eyebrow slightly sliced. I can't say I would have handled it with such bravery as she did! The town doctor was also as kind as can be.

I am happy to say " Rise Up Surf " is expanding and has opened locations in Costa Rica and Guatemala. Guatemala will be my next stop!