Surf Barbados: Zed's Surfing Adventures

Barbados was my next venture into the Caribbean. Making my way to Surfer’s point, home to Zed’s Surf Adventures, I passed along the small roundabout roads, noticing the infamous grocery store, Mike's mini mart, a local stop for all Bajans in the area. Not too far off in the distance were the blue signs indicating “Zed’s”.

Here I was greeted by an Italian man who had uprooted his family many years ago. He was the residence massage therapist as well as held a managerial position at the surf camp.

I had rented a small little beach cabin at sea level, a few steps from the Caribbean Sea. With a hammock hanging on my porch, it was here I lay many nights listening to the sounds of the ocean. I had just returned from a volunteer position teaching in the country of Dominica, a less popular yet equally beautiful country in the Caribbean. Given the stop over, I figured I’d stay and see what Barbados had to offer. My time in Barbados was spent surfing their transparent crystal warm waters with turtles floating along side with their bobbing heads waving me in. Zed's son, Jacob, born and bred by the sea, was an outstanding surf coach as were all the others.

Oistin's Fish Market, strolling colorful streets, with Bob Marley tunes in the background, one can't help but have an extra bounce in their step! For what you get....qualified local surf instructors who understand the waves more than anyone else, a hammock steps away from the sand, freshly made meals, a fun night life either hanging out with the surf coaches at the camp or in town, enraptured by the warm Caribbean breeze, Zed's Surf Adventures is definitely worth the destination. The entire staff there had become like a family to me, looking out for me, and ensuring I was enjoying my stay. I am forever grateful for these memories. Life is made up of memories, and we need to make as many as we can before we can no longer remember them. I can still picture the moonlight piercing through my window. A faithful companion and friend. And of course, there is no better way to capture the Bajan warmth, then through this poem I wrote for all of those at Zed's....

To Barbados with Love,

Coconut delights to munch,

Countless sips of tropical rum punch,

Marlin and swordfish fresh to eat,

A culinary feast that can't be beat!

Surfing the crystal blue waters

as the reddish coloured crab clatters...

Crashing waves outside my door,

Soon to be seized by the sensuous shore.

Basking in the hot sun with a "Banks" in hand,

A paradise far from bland...

Not alone, moonlit sky smirking through my window,

Zed's surf adventures is the purest way to go!

By Adelina Fabiano