5 Pizza Places "On The Go" You Must Try in Florence

Mozarella... basil and oregano...pomodoro...! 00 Flour! In my opinion, simple, fresh ingredients and just the right dough is what makes a great pizza. I have had my share of pizza in almost every region of Italy. My palate is slowly becoming sophisticated to the understanding of the fine art of what makes a good pizza, or at least I'm hoping. Yes, Neopolitan pizza is hard to beat in the region of Campagnia."Pizza al taglio" ( literally meaning 'pizza by the cut') in Rome is also hard to rival! However, the aspiring pizza epicurean in me has made it my mission to find the best pizza "on-the-go" in town while I'm here. So here it goes:

1. Pizza & Co. ( Via Vincenzo Gioberti, 84R and Via Del Calzaiuoli, 13):

If you're looking for fast-food pizza, this place will satisfy the palate. Pizza slices are no more than 2 euro, offering a wide range of toppings, simple and freshly made hot out of the oven. The staff knows me well and make me feel at home now, so of course I am slightly biased. You will most likely leave having sampled a few different flavours. Newly renovated, this is an ideal break if you are around Piazza Beccaria. A glass of wine and four slices later...(thin crusted though, so don't feel guilty).

2. La Divina Pizza (Borgo Allegri, 50r, Via dell' Angolo)

Head over to La Divina Pizza after watching a production at Teatro Verdi just down the street. They offer samples ( made to measure!) of different kinds of pizza placed on a platter. It's small but cozy and the staff is very accommodating.

3. Street by il Vecchio e il Mare ( Via Paolo Sarpi, 2r)

Just a hop and a jump, and you’ll be at Street by il Vecchio e il Mare. You can take this pan pizza home with you, or have a slice ( or more) in the restaurant as you sit on a stool watching pedestrians walk on by along the elegant Tuscan street of Via Gioberti. Feel free to sample their steamed pizza, pizza in a shovel or any way you'd like it!

4. Melloo ( Via Luigi Gordigiani, 4r)

A warm and cosy atmosphere, Melloo is truly mellow! Grab some pizza to go or sit back, chill out and listen to some soulful music. A little outside of all the tourism, but definitely worth the stop. Staff is sweet and cordial. A unique place I wish I could go back to a little more often.

5. Ti Do Una Pizza ( Borgo di Santa Croce, 21r)

A few steps from Santa Croce church, lies a tiny pizzeria with something to satisfy everyone's taste buds. Staff is inviting and makes you feel at home. There are a myriad of vegan pizzas to choose from as well. When you're finished, take a stroll to Santa Croce square, sit on a bench and admire the luminous structure before you.