Ciao! Welcome! I'm So Glad You're Here.

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Welcome to a philocalist's life!


I am here to share my love of many things with you from the beauty of travel, poetry, theatre, arts and culture! I am a first generation Italian-Canadian who grew up in the vast and wholesome prairies of Alberta, Canada, with modest yet strong immigrant values and deep roots. Alberta's landscape and skies are incredible. Much to my dismay, though, I have never really felt like I've belonged anywhere. I don't like to call any place my home. I think every place I visit becomes a place I revere and respect. I am simply a moving spirit having an experience on this glorious planet. It does not belong to me or you. We are its guest, and therefore, I feel no place belongs to me. 

Six years ago, I started surfing and I haven't stopped. I'm still a novice but I promise, I'm getting braver every time. Twenty years ago I started practicing yoga and I still can't do headstands, but I promise, I'm getting more flexible with that too. Both surf and yoga have become my life metaphor, for each time I get back on my mat or on a surfboard, I become a little more courageous and a lot more open to and accepting of the transient nature of our lives.  In this blog you'll find a homage to the hidden surf schools and spots I've been to led by some amazing surf instructors. My travel also includes places where I've loved to hang out, quite frankly, just simply enjoying the beauty and sweetness of life. When it comes to arts and culture, I am happy to share exhibits, events, and experiences I think are worth knowing about. So now that you're here, come along for the never know what wave you'll catch!